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Welcome to the Fixture List generator. This purpose of this site is to allow you to generate Fixture Lists for the Teams or Players featuring in your League. You can use it for anything from Football, Rugby and Single Player sports or games.

You can now also Register Your League to be saved for online display for FREE until further notice.

The tools to help you with League Management are listed below:

[Fixture List Generator]

A tool to generate printer friendly fixture lists. These lists can be saved, available when you log in to the members area.

To start creating fixture lists go to the Create a Fixture List page. When you enter the relevent league details in the generator and the team or player names a fixture list will be created, randomly arranging the entries. The results can then be saved to your computer or printed.

[Register Your League]
A tool to create and set up a league with up to four divisions, features an inter division or single division knockout cup schedule, updateable results and generated league tables from your league admin section. This information is available to all visitors to the site from the find your league area, giving easy access to information for all participants in your leagues.

[Find Your League]
The area of the site for people who are participating in the leagues that have been registered on, access is available to fixture information, results, current league standings and cup tournament information. was set up to aid people in creating leagues for all league sports and games, it relies upon users of the leagues to occassionally click links and banners through to sponsor sites. would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the site so far and wish everybody luck in the leagues they are part of.

If you have any questions or comments about using the Fixture List Generator or any of the League Management tools you can direct them to This Email Address. Thank you for using the Fixture List Generator.